My name is Meg White. I’m a fourth-year electrical engineering student and an aspiring security researcher.

In March 2020, I resigned from my job as a machine learning research engineer and startup CEO. I love deep learning and I look forward to working at the intersection of AI and security for a long time to come.

For the moment, though, I’m focused on learning everything I can about reverse engineering, source code analysis, exploit development, embedded devices and all the ideas in between. My interests pertain very consistently to “cyber-physical systems” and I’m keen to git gud at making and breaking them.


Notes on security and (after a little break) ML.

I passed the OSCP in early 2020. It was great fun and confirmed for me that I want to become a really solid (ethical/legal/etcetera) adversary. My intention is to document some of that process here.

Don’t expect anything polished or complete. I’m treating this place like a scratch pad.

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