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Russian Government issued a Tender to crack Tor

Gyges, the mixing of commercial malware with cyber weapon code

"On June 19, Microsoft filed for an ex parte temporary restraining order (TRO) from the U.S. District Court for Nevada against No-IP. On June 26, the court granted our request and made Microsoft the DNS authority for the company’s 23 free No-IP domains, allowing us to identify and route all known bad traffic to the Microsoft sinkhole and classify the identified threats. The new threat information will be added to Microsoft’s Cyber Threat Intelligence Program (CTIP) and provided to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and global Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) to help repair the damage caused by Bladabindi-Jenxcus and other types of malware. "

Upload your virus and try to take this thing down. I actually can’t access, as I think there is possibly some crashing occurring. But I found this link on Reddit and people seem to be having some fun with it.

Side note: I haven’t been publishing but behind the scenes I have been doing some work on a template for series/profiles — that way I can look at state actors, rogue prodigies, hacktivist groups and even programs in a semi-consistent manner down the line.

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